Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) Genbaomu usage case
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Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) Genbaomu usage case(圖3)

Demonstration crop: tomatoes

Product used: Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) Genbaomu

Usage plan: 200 times in one root irrigation

Use time: October 9

Return visit time: October 16

Result & performance: In the demonstration area, the main roots of tomatoes are obviously piercing through the soil, the capillary roots increased, and the roots' ability to absorb water and fertilizer is obviously enhanced! In the comparison area, the plants are weak, with fewer capillary roots, and weak in absorbing water and fertilizer.

Characteristics of fertilizer required during tomato seedling stage:

During this period of growth, tomatoes need to prepare a strong root system and well-differentiated flower buds for continuous fruit setting in the later period. Both quantity and quality are required, so there must be sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients to supply seedlings. Root growth, especially the development of taproot, requires more phosphorus fertilizer. Stem and leaf growth requires an appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Flower bud differentiation is inseparable from the participation of phosphorus. At the same time, the coordinated growth of various organs also requires potassium to support nutrient transport. Therefore, the seedling stage is suitable to use the formula of high phosphorus, medium nitrogen and low potassium.