Demei full fertilizer set usage case
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Demei full fertilizer set usage case(圖1) Demei full fertilizer set usage case(圖2)

Demei full fertilizer set usage case(圖3)

Grape varieties: Sweet Sapphire Grapes (Moon drops grapes)

Demonstration plan: Demei full fertilizer set

Observation time: September 26, 2020

Management plan:

Germination period: Use of Deme Diling Su, combined with Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) (high phosphorus formula 20-47-4): the main function is to promote rooting and growth of seedlings;

Foliage development period: In the grape's first four to five-leaves period, if the tree is weak, use Demei 21-21-21+6HA+TE organic carbon water-soluble fertilizer, and add it again;

Flowering period: Demei Super Calcium Boron is used before and after flowering, the main function is to supplement nitrogen fertilizer, elongate inflorescence, and ease petals fall;

Young fruit swelling period: use Demei 17-17-17+5CaO+0.4MgO+TE calcium and magnesium fertilizer, then use Demei 15-5-15+7CaO+3MgO+TE high calcium and magnesium, use 10 kg at one time;

Before packaging, apply Demei 16-7-35+5HA+TE organic carbon water-soluble fertilizer once; after packaging, apply Demei amino acid calcium again. After supplementation, it will inhibit later fruit cracking and increase the hardness and thickness of the peel;

In the later stage of grape management, use Demei high potassium (10-6-42) water-soluble fertilizer once or twice according to the situation of your own garden;

Result performance: high-yield grapes, good quality; thick pruina, each grape berry has good hardness, less fruit cracking; coloring period comes earlier,and the change in color is uniform; long shelf life, resistant to storage and transportation;