Demei Meishite cherry usage case
Time:2019-03-14 15:29:51 View count:173

Demei Meishite cherry usage case(圖1)

Product used: Demei Meishite

Cherry variety: Tieton US

Usage plan: April 3, 2020, spray 200 times on the leaves and 100 g/plant on the roots

Return visit time: April 16, 2020

Circumstances: At that time, the comparison plan for the demonstration of Meishite was to select only one tree as a demonstration tree in the entire cherry shed, except for the control reference group. On April 16th, the comparison result was very obvious. The specially treated cherry tree quickened its coloring, now uniform, with relatively large and even fruits. The technician concluded: The maturation coloring speed of this fruit shed cherry has a great impact on the overall efficiency, last year was done the same comparison too. In the same comparative demonstration, the maturity period of the control group was about one week late than the demonstration group, which instead had a great impact on the benefit of fruit farmers.