Demei organic carbon fertilizer usage case
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Demei organic carbon fertilizer usage case(圖1) Demei organic carbon fertilizer usage case(圖2)

Demei organic carbon fertilizer usage case(圖3) Demei organic carbon fertilizer usage case(圖4)

Location: Weihai City

Time: August 16

Farmer: Wang Guoli

Area: 0.072 Acre


 In June 2019, after the covering film was removed from ginger, Master Wang Guoli burned the seedlings due to improper fertilization. Those which got seriously injured died right away. In the not too worse situations, leaves were yellowish, with dry tips, and most importantly, not growing at all. Uncle Wang Guoli has neither clue nor hope about this year's harvest, he was ready to give up.

  In order to help Master Wang Guoli to reduce losses, Demei Marketing Service Department decided to provide technical support to him, and on July 13, Master Wang used drip irrigation and 10 kilograms of Demei organic carbon 21-21-21+TE+HA.

 On July 20th, Uncle Wang called and said: Great ginger has changed in its growth and started to grow. The leaves are not yellowish anymore; on the contrary, they began to look shinier.

 On August 16, we brought another bag of Demei Organic Carbon 21-21-21+TE+HA (5kg) and a bag of Demei High Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer (2.5kg) to the Master, and interviewed Uncle Wang’s experience feelings.