Solving pains encountered by vegetable farmers colleagues during production; a single fertilizer with multiple effects
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The quality and yield of vegetables cannot be improved without healthy soil and developed root systems. Soil and root problems are the two main factors affecting vegetable yields. Dead trees and seedlings and the increasing number of diseases and insect pests are the two main pains that soil and root systems bring to the majority of vegetable farmers. The wellbeing of the soil is an important factor affecting the development of the root systems; soil itself is in fact the key to high yield of vegetables.

In response to this pains, Sichuan Demei Industrial Co., Ltd. has grandly launched an organic carbon water-soluble fertilizer, which solves the two major pain points encountered by vegetable farmers in production. So what is it? How does one fertilizer with multiple effects look like? Let’s find out...


Demei Organic Carbon Water Soluble Fertilizer

21-21-21+6% small molecule organic carbon + TE

16-07-35+5% small molecule organic carbon + TE

Solving pains encountered by vegetable farmers colleagues during production; a single fertilizer wit(圖1)

Product Feats:

1. Comprehensive nutrition: On the basis of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, 6 kinds of micro elements are purposely added, and a 6% of small molecular mineral origin humic acid is contained as well, thus fully meeting the needs of crop growth.

2. Adversity resistance: mineral organic carbon made of natural small molecules has strong biological activity, effectively improves soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, enhances fertilizers abilities , effectively strengthen rhizosphere microbes activity and adversity resistance, thus solving continuous cropping obstacles.

3. Natural synergism: rich in natural synergistic substances, which can release nutrients once fixed in the soil, our product improves fertilizer utilization, and enhances efficiency.

4. Complete water solubility: This product is easy to apply, can be flushed, used for drip irrigation or micro-spray, and won’t clog any pipeline.

5. Safeness and environmental protection: this product does not contain hormones and does not contain chlorine. Long-term application can effectively improve the soil aggregate structure and improve the soil environment without causing damage to crops.

Demei Organic Carbon Water-soluble Fertilizer is balanced, has super high content, high potassium formula, comprehensive nutrition, and while conserving the soil, it promotes the development of root systems, and solves soil compaction, salinization, and root growth related problems encountered by vegetable farmers in the production process. Trustworthy results, trustworthy fertilizers!