How should melons be fertilized
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Recently, farmers asked, "How should melons be fertilized in what can be considered a correct way?" Today, we combine the problems encountered in farmer management to share with you: precision fertilization technology and problem solutions for melons.


1. The root system is neither good or strong enough

The cultivation of melon first of all should have a good root system. If the root system isn’t healthy there will be many problems such as weak growth of seedlings, yellow leaves, and slow fruit swelling.

Main reasons include:

     Poor seedlings; ② Low soil temperature; ③ Poor soil permeability.

Fertilizer management plan:

     After seedlings rejuvenation, pay attention to adjusting the soil for rooting and strengthening the seedlings. It is recommended to use Demei "Di Ling Su" combined with Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) High Phosphate Fertilizer.

    Seedlings heightening fertilizer to promote healthy melon seedlings and shiny leaves. Best using Demei organic carbon fertilizer (21-21-21+6HA+TE).

    Water properly, keeping seedlings neither dry or wet;

④ Practice bed-planting to increase soil air permeability and soil temperature.

2. The plant spindles
(overgrows)before setting the melon

Overgrown plants result in weak melon seedlings, thin leaves and poor root growth, leading to decreased resistance, susceptibility to disease, and delays in flowering, which has a great negative impact.

Main reasons:

The humidity in the shed is high, the temperature is high, and the proportion of nitrogen fertilizer is high too.

Fertilizer watering plan:

    Before melons sets, avoid excessive watering. In fine weather, let the wind cool down and remove moisture in time, which will not only avoid lengthy growth, but also reduce disease infection;

     For the needed foliar spraying, it’s recommended using Demei instant dissolution organic Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer 100-200 times, which can control the vigor and promote the differentiation of flower buds and increase the resistance. If the temperature is high and the growth is too strong, increase the dosage.

     When using seedling heightening fertilizer, add 30-45 kg of Demei instant dissolution organic Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer per acre together with drip irrigation or flushing. The melon seedlings will get strong have short internodes and thick leaves too.

3. Premature aging of melon seedlings after setting

After the melon is set up, the phenomenon of weak growth of the melon seedlings, poor leaf quality, and slow swelling of the melon is a manifestation of premature aging.  Although the bad results appear after the melon is set up, the causes of premature aging are“rooted” well in advance. In view of the phenomenon of premature aging, which will seriously affect the income of melon farmers, is suggested that such problematic is detected and solved early,for the key to counter premature aging is prevention .

Preventive measures:

     Release the fertilizer timely, it’s recommend to irrigate Demei Organic Carbon Fertilizer (21-21-21+6HA+TE) and Demei High Calcium Magnesium (15-5-15-7CaO+3MgO+TE). According to the weather and soil moisture, try to reduce the amount of water, but water frequently, avoiding flooding, and keeping fertilizer and water even during the fruit swelling period.

     Before prevention itself, put rooting and strong seedlings in the first place. After seedlings rejuvenation, it is recommended to use Demei "Di Ling Su" together with Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) High Phosphate Fertilizer.


4. What to do with hindrances of fruit swelling process

If the fruit swells unhealthily, first cause to address is the weather. When the weather is good, the crop should grow more to further accumulate nutrients. When the weather is bad, resistance to reduced nutrient consumption must be increased, that is, allow full play to the advantages of good weather and minimize bad weather damages. In order to take advantage of the weather benefits and reduce weather damages, the soil must be well adjusted and the root system must be well maintained. This requires precise management of fertilization and targeted selection of fertilization formulas.

    Things to be done in advance: raise a healthy root system. After seedlings planting and rejuvenation, it is necessary to use “Di ling su”, Bi Tianran(Natural Terse) and organic carbon to nourish ground and roots. Only a good root system can bring high yield and good quality. Without a good root system, no matter how good the melon seedling is, it will be a flash in the pan.

    In the initial stage of swelling, use Demei organic carbon fertilizer (21-21-21+6HA+TE) and Demei high calcium and magnesium. Its continuous use will result in flexible leaves, good disease resistance and fast swelling.

     For a sugary melon, Demei Organic Carbon Fertilizer (16-7-35+5HA+TE) and Meishite instant Dissolution Organic Phosphorus Potassium Fertilizer, used together, can join forces for a better taste.

Note: When the weather alternates between cloudy and sunny, you must add Demei high calcium and magnesium fertilizer to increase resistance and reduce cracking. The specific usage and dosage should be increased or decreased according to the weather, soil, yield, and fertilization interval.

In a nutshell, according to the weather, soil, and crops, choose the right formula and timing of fertilization. In the early stage of melon swelling balanced fertilizer is the golden rule, compounded with calcium and magnesium fertilizer; in the later stage, high-potassium fertilizer is the key. Demei organic carbon 16-7-35+5HA+TE is better for rooting and stress resistance. Demei 20-10-30+TE makes the swelling relatively faster, and 10-6-42+TE helps develop sugary taste, 15-15-30 leads to better and continuous flowering. When the weather is bad and the temperature is low, when the melon seedlings do not grow well, use Demei organic carbon fertilizer to increase the ground temperature and maintain the root system. When the crop grows vigorously or prosperously,  use Meishite instant dissolution organic phosphorus potassium fertilizer to control the vegetative growth and promote the exact growth of melons.